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Joe Wu

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  • PSMC Japan President
  • Maxram Chairman


  • 2010   PSMC AVP
  • 2010~2014  Renesas SP Drivers/TW President
  • 2014   PSMC VP
  • 2020   PSMC Memory BU GM
  • 2022   PSMC Japan President
  • 2023 JSMC CEO

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The development of 3D stacking wafer-on-wafer(WoW) technology can provide a large number of connections between the SoC and memory chip, enable solutions for the memory bandwidth and power consumption issues

AI applications have gradually moved towards the transformer architecture and the model size has also grown to billions of parameters after the launch of ChatGPT at the end of 2022. The increase in model parameters incur the requirements on high memory bandwidth and low power consumption.

WoW hybrid bond technology stacks Logic+Memory wafers together, and provide up to 1ES connections per millimeter square, which is much higher than the thousands of connections using traditional micro bump approach, significantly increase the memory bandwidth between chips. And also, hybrid bond embodies much shorter signal distance between chips, which in turn save lots of data movement power.

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JSMC Holdings, Inc.

JSMC Holdings is one of the worldwide leading foundry manufacturers that provides customized total solutions and stable supply chain for automotive, communication, AI, and industrial related products with broad range technologies and dedicated services.